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Video Conferencing Software

We use technology to break through geographical barriers and accommodate your schedule.

Whether you live in or outside of Wisconsin, you can enjoy the comfort of communicating with us through video conferences. Our practice allows us to assist clients nationwide on immigration law matters and provide business and family law services to all of Wisconsin.

We appreciate our clients and want to make their lives easier. Our video consultations allow us to fit into your busy schedule or to overcome significant distances. Take advantage of our online consultations to save valuable time or to receive assistance not available in your area. Our attorneys will interact with you on convenient platforms, where you can easily share documents, images, and get face-to-face interaction. If you have one of the programs listed on the bottom of this page, you are all set. Otherwise, we can walk you through the simple steps to open an account.

If you would rather meet in person, you will always be welcome to stop by our office. Contact us to schedule an online or in-office consultation for quality advice and personalized attention.